Canning Capabilities

  • Minimum Run Size 3,000 Gallons NO MAX 
  • Output of 45k to 60k cans per 8 hour shift
  • Capabilities of running 8oz, 8.4oz, 12oz sleek, 12oz & 16oz cans.
  • In-house beverage batching and sampling available

Canning Lines

  • 1 Rotary Palmer- 60cpm 
  • 3 Fully Automated Codi CCL-45 Canning Lines Running at 55 Cans per Minute

Packaging Capabilities

  • Able to accommodate proprietary packaging 
  • Heat Shrink Bundling
  • Variety Pack Out
  • Case Erector- Glue Style Trays

Bottling Capabilities

  • Glass or plastic bottles
  • Adaptable to different sizes and closures with proper change parts
  • In line rotary Pressure sensitive labeler capable of applying body and Neck labels
  • Heat shrink labeling
  • 8,000 liters per hour
  • Up to 4,000 gallon-sized batching


  • Experienced warehouse and logistics staff 
    • Most with 5+ years’ tenure 
    • Hazmat shipping/receiving trained 
  • 160,000 square feet of warehouse space
  • Bonded warehouse for storing alcoholic products
  • Fleet of eight trucks
    • Box trucks, liftgate trucks, beer trucks
  • Shipping team- Available for shipping samples


  • Velcorin Dosing- Highly Effective solution used to sterilize cold beverages. Rapidly breaks down into negligible amounts of methanol and carbon dioxide, which are naturally occurring compounds in many beverages such as fruit and vegetable juice, wines, and hard ciders.   Velcorin – penetrates the cells and deactivates enzymes, causing the microorganisms to die.

Quality Control Assurance

  • Full QC scientific instrument reports
    • DO and CO2 measurements
    • Brix and pH measurements
    • CMC-KUHNKE double seam imaging
    • Third party laboratory testing available

Private Label Spirits

  • Experience working with national retailers to produce and ship private label projects 
  • Variety of bottle and can sizes
  • Competitive pricing
  • Bonded warehousing of finished goods
  • Bulk material and ingredient purchasing capabilities
  • Formulation and product development assistance

Product Development

  • We have 10+ years of of experience in product development 
  • Batch reports
  • Process authority letters
  • Packaging and ingredient sourcing – we have relationships with a variety of vendors
  • Benchtop samples provided for analysis 

Automatic variety Kitting capabilities